Airports & Security Checkpoints

Do you know that traveling through checkpoints can cause issues with your electrical devices months, or even years, later?
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Basic Windows Corruption OS Fix

This article will describe a simple 4 step process to resolve common OS corruption issues. Believe it or not, the majority of issues found in Windows...
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Debugging Tools in Windows Driver Kit (WDK)

As of last week, Debugging Tools for Windows is currently being made available as part of the Free Windows Driver Kit (WDK)
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Federal Mileage Reimbursements

When using a privately owned vehicle for work, the IRS offers deductions. Just imagine a new/used vehicle fully paid for within a year, or two.
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Got a hard crash?

For hard crashes, I found these companies to be professional and offering clean rooms...
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Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can be used for more than your hands. Alcohol is a tech's universally renowned cleaning solution for printers and connections...
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Let´s Talk Bootable Kits

Bootable kits is a term used by technicians that reference a bunch of tools on a bootable DVD/CD that can be used to in repairing data and operating systems. There are many bootable kits and only a few that are customizable and free. These are just a few of them...
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LCD Damage

The name of the type of damage an LCD can have are referred to the actual damage or cause of damage...
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McClain Solutions, LLC© Fan Site Launch

This week we have launched a fan site for McClain Solutions, LLC©, reaching to almost half a billion members, at
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Modify my XP

Believe it, or not, there are issues related in XP being modified during installation...
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Riding Tech Cars

If you are a field service technician or a support agent, your vehicle is vital for your job...
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Tech Tools & Supplies

There are two categories of tools a technician has on them at all times. The first is "hand tools" for hardware troubleshooting...
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