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Did you know that traveling through checkpoints can cause issues with your electrical devices months, or even years, later?

First electronic rule when electrical data became mobile:

Radiation and magnets to electrical devices that store data are not only harmful, but is also a major cause of latent failures.

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Radiation from x-rays and magnets from security detection systems is no exception to this rule. X-rays give out electromagnetic radiation, and older x-rays can give out gamma radiation.

On electrical devices, the average latent issues caused by x-rays are a video and processing issue, which normally shows itself within the first 6 months.  The reason why video chips in laptops are the most prone to radiation, is because they have the least amount of protection and redundancies.  Camera and cell phones will start showing issues in the memory and processing of information within the first year. 

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Several consumers will misunderstand these issues as manufacturing defects, or normal wear and tear.          

So what is the solution?

There are only three solutions, if you have to travel with electrical devices.

(1) The first solution is to simply, ask for a bag check instead of going through the x-ray with your luggage.  Yes, it is time consuming and causes long waits, but it is cheap. 
Warning: Most of the time, airports will not allow you to do this if it is a busy travel time. 

(2) The second solution is to get a TSA security badge at all the airports you frequent.  The TSA security badge will allow you to have your bags hand-checked, or bypassed. 
Warning: TSA security badges are not cheap and require a long process with federal background checking and 24-hour wait notice before boarding. 

Instead of a TSA security badge, there were several other pilot programs offered to travelers over the years, but none stayed in effect for very long.  The last program was called the Registered Traveler [RT] Program, which ceased operations when Verified Identity Pass, Inc. had filed for bankruptcy on June 22, 2009.

(3) The third and fastest solution is to buy a TSA scan safe traveling laptop bag, or TSA "checkpoint friendly” laptop bag.  Remember to get a bag that has heavy lead/rubber/silicone insulation for your laptop to stop/slow harmful effects of electromagnetic and gamma radiation. 
Warning: Not all bags have this type of insulation.

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To read more about electromagnetic radiation and health go to

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