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Hand sanitizer can be used for more than your hands. Alcohol is a tech's universally renowned cleaning solution for printers and connections. Oddly enough, the common hand sanitizer is made up of more than 60 percent of alcohol. The other chemicals used in hand sanitizer hold the alcohol firm in a semisolid state until exposed to long term hydrogen/air, which then breaks down and evaporates with the alcohol. A quick wipe of a micro fiber rag/towel will clear any extra spots.

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So how do I do it?

NOTE: Not all hand sanitizers will work on cleaning connections and printers. Micro-beads, non-alcohol, sunscreen, and other added chemicals to normal hand sanitizers can cause additional damage to equipment.

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• Step One: Add normal hand sanitizer to a micro fiber rag/towel
• Step Two: Rub the micro fiber rag/towel on the area that needs to be cleaned.
• Step Three: Continue rubbing until the liquid evaporates.
• Step Four: Enjoy a clean area.

That is it. If you don't believe me, feel free to use the common hand sanitizer on charge rollers, pickup and transfer rollers, wire and ribbon connections, and glass that is not LCD's or tubes. You will not be disappointed.

Why hand sanitizer?

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In the last few years, hand sanitizer has become the most popular office product at every office location and place of business. We are even seeing public dispensers of hand sanitizer showing up at the super markets and checkout lines.

In addition, a tech may already have a little handy travel bottle of hand sanitizer on himself/herself for the people he/she meets and places he/she goes.

Are there any extra dangers of using alcohol hand sanitizers instead of other cleaning solutions?

Yes, because of the alcohol in hand sanitizers you might have seen several news articles in the past few years related to children getting alcohol poisoning from hand sanitizers, which is also known as hand sanitizer poisoning. People under 100lbs should be using non-alcohol hand sanitizers for this reason. If you are over 100lbs, the only way you can get hand sanitizer poisoning is from improper use.

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