The History of McClain Solutions, LLC©

Jonathan McClain - 2005

The idea for this site came back in 2003. Jonathan McClain (Owner & Creator, seen to the left) was working on a never-ending development project, which involved a way to help laymen around his/her computer. As he was working on the "technical" aspect for continued support of the project, he found himself mystified that there were several IT professionals that needed and still used what he had written several years prior.

Now it's a fact that articles, documentation, and information become outdated with economic and technical growth. So he had to ask himself, "Why"?

Then in 2007, he had begun training IT professionals for deskside support and repair issues. He concluded, in a very short time, that supplying articles and documentation on several topics of interests would not only aid in the training process, but would also reenact what he had done on previous occasions.

At first it was difficult to dispense information, because paper can only go so far and the delays in getting to a computer to redirect an email was getting mundane. So, he decided that it would be easier to direct people to a website address than to print out, or email, the information.

He setup a simple, but professional, flash website that would allow him to direct IT professionals to a point of reference for any issue that may come up in conversations. He finally finished the site and launched it in 2008.

The information at first became simple to understand and common place, but later grew, due to larger requests that overwhelmed new IT professionals. He then began to trim back the layers of information and form something new that was password-protected and advertised only by word of mouth, even today.

Jonathan McClain - 2007

It was not until early 2009, that he started to notice nonprofessionals requesting more information, or clarification, on articles and documents that he had posted. Then in December, 2009 he got three different questions, from three different IT professionals, from three different countries, within seven days. He became honored to have reached more professionals than he had expected to, and that made him feel confident enough to start a Facebook fan page and a blog.

He did not advertise the pages on, or the social networks, which for over a year were all silent due to economic difficulties of the time.

Jonathan McClain - 2010

Near the end of 2010, he began to partner with manufacturers and vendors to provide rebates for merchandise that would be tested, rated, and advertised on, continuing to make the site a free source for information.

The soul purpose of is to produce a multitude of documents to help people better prepare for anything that could happen in the IT industry.

Then in 2011, he decided to redesign the layout that would provide information originally limited to IT professionals, and advertised only by word of mouth, to everyone in the world.

He also registered McClain Solutions, LLC© on the first of January 2011, making the once afterthought of a site into a limited liability company (LLC).

Unlike other years, 2011 was the first year that McClain Solutions, LLC© advertised on the internet after the launch of the newly designed site on March 24, 2011.

In 2012 and 2013, the McClain Solutions, LLC© main site became static. During this time that the McClain Solutions, LLC© main site was static the site had not received enough visits to warrant any change.

Then in late November 2013, McClain Solutions, LLC© started to become more involved in the associate programs offered by Amazon for discounts and promotions that can be offered to the consumers. This started a new era for the site. Leaving the once "ad free" site to a "ad style" site for offering information and discounts/promotions to visitors.

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